HDFC Mutual Fund – HDFC Midcap Opportunities & HDFC Equity Fund

HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund is a mid-cap fund and is the biggest fund in its category. It was launched in 2007 and today it is more than INR 18,000 crores. This fund has given an average annual return of 13.28% since its inception till today. Its 10-years average annual return is 13.15% which is about 3% more than benchmark returns. And despite the market correction that has happened due to Covid-19, its returns of 5 and 7 years is more than category average returns. We had done a detailed review of the fund in our mutual fund review series. The link to that video is available in the description link. Do watch it. HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund is an aggressive Hybrid Fund. This fund was launched in 2000 in the name of HDFC Balanced Fund. In 2018, after the reclassification exercise by SEBI, it was merged with pure-equity HDFC Premier Multicap Fund, and ever since, it has this new name.

Today, its AUM is more than Rs. 16,800 crore. The majority of the equity allocation of this fund is in large-cap which means India’s top 100 companies but they also take measures exposure in mid and small companies. Its debt portfolio is conservatively built. Money is usually lent to the government or companies with the highest credit ratings. And, the money is lent for a medium duration so that the interest risk remains in control. Since its inception, this fund has given an average annual return of 14.5%. Although it has not been performing very well for the past some time, still its 7-year returns are 14.40% which is more than both category average and benchmark returns. As you can guess from the name, HDFC Short Term Debt Fund is a short term category fund. This fund was launched in 2010, and today its AUM is Rs 12,000 crores.

When talking about managing the credit and interest rate risk, then this fund applies the play-it-safe strategy. The portfolio of this fund shows atilt towards the AAA-rated (which indicates high-quality borrowers)corporate and Government bonds. This fund has given very good returns to its investors by navigating the risks in a good manner. Leaving 2011, it has beaten the category returns each year since its launch. Even in 2011, it was behind by only a few points. Since its inception, this fund has given8.95% of average annual returns. While the returns of 3 and 5 years are 8.74% and 8.69%, respectively. So, now you have received all the information related to HDFC AMC. If you wish to invest for free in the 0% commission direct plans then, do click on the link given below and download the ETMONEY App! And yes, don’t forget to share this video with your friends and family.

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