Important Benefits of Buying Term Life Insurance

Term insurance is one of the most affordable forms of insurance out there to put that into perspective we pay about 2% of the car’s present value as its premium in comparison term insurance plans are available at as low as 0.1 percent of the sum assured that’s20 times cheaper than a car insurance premium not only is term insurance the least expensive insurance out there but to add a cherry on top of the cake most insurance companies on online platforms like ETMONEY offer an extra discount on your term insurance premiums as compared to offline channels do make sure you take advantage of this and further lower your term insurance.

premiums benefit 2term insurance plans offer a much much higher coverage as compared to traditional or ULIP plans in traditional or unit-linked plans the coverage offered is generally 7 to 10 times of the premium you pay if you pay a yearly premium of 20,000 rupees you can expect about 2 lakh rupees of sum assured 2 lakhs of sum assured is too lower coverage and might cover only 3 to5 months of your family’s expenses on the other hand term insurance plans of a much higher sum assured so that you can leave your family and dependents with enough money so that they don’t go through financial hardships in your absence let’s put some numbers behind it on ETMONEY the average sum assured of a term insurance policy is a little over one crore rupees which comes to an average premium of 17,000 rupees.

this one crore sum assured isabout sixty times of the sum assured I would have received inregular traditional money back endowment or ULIP plan net-net term insuranceplans offer high life insurance coverage at very low premiums benefit number3 term insurance plans are super simple to understand simplicity is oneof the reasons for the growing popularity of term insurance plans terminsurance plans are Pure Life covers which focus on offering your dependentsthe contracted sum assured in case you were to die you simply need to ensurethat you have been paying the premium properly benefit for term insuranceplans offer immense tax benefits there are three types of tax benefits thatterm insurance plans offer one benefits under Section 80C which allows anexemption for life insurance premiums of up to 1.5 lakh per annum to benefitsunder Section 10 (10) D which pertains to death or maturity benefits that arepayable under the policy this section directs all insurance benefits payableto be fully exempt from taxes which means your beneficiaries will get theentire coverage upon your death and no taxes will be deducted 3 benefits underSection 80 D which allows an exemption to that part of the premium that is paidfor health related coverages like critical illness riders which can beadded with a term insurance plan remember tax laws change often so it iswise to be on top of this and consult your tax advisor for greater detailsbenefit 5 the premiums of term insurance plans are locked for theduration of the plan it is surprising how many consumers don’t know this butwhen you purchase a term insurance plan you are effectively locking the premiumthat you’ll be paying this year the next year and every other year until the endof the term plan and this is where it becomes highly beneficial and smart ofyou to start your term insurance plan as soon as possible when the premiums arelower for younger ages let’s do some math here if one were to take a 1 croreterm plan at the age of 30 years the premium would come to approximately10,000 rupees for a plan that provides coverageuntil 75 years of age this means you’re paying 10,000 rupees every year for thenext 45 years which totals to 4.5 Lakh rupees let’s say one word to procrastinate anddecide to enroll on a term plan much later say at the age of 45 years at thisage the annual premium is going to be much higher at about 30,000 rupees peryear which means you’ll be paying 30 thousand rupees every year for the next30 years with totals to 9 lakh rupees so figure this when you enroll to the planat 30 years you would have been covered for 45 years and the total premiumoutlay will be 4.5 lakhs.

But you procrastinated and when you’re enrolled at the age of 45 you would have been covered for only 30 years but you would have paid double the amount of premium in those 30 years at 9 lakh rupees as compared to 4.5 if the plan was taken at a much earlier age of 30 be smart about term plans and don’t wait any longer to enroll for one great so let’s summarize what we have learned thus far-term insurance is super affordable it provides very high coverage it’s very simple to understand offers tax benefits under Section 80C 80D and 10(10) D and lastly your premium is locked for the entire duration of the policy beyond these five points term insurance perfectly complements your goals and can be used in many ways to ensure you always live with good peace of mind knowing that essential things like money have been taken care of for your family even in your absence.

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